CEO & Founder

Deborah Knight, J.D., Author, & Entrepreneur founded the club to fill the gap for high-powered women to connect to each other, to resources, and to information for purpose of their professional, personal, and business development.  


Charity Committee: Each year WEC supports a women's charity at our annual charity event. Committee Members: Crissa Cook, Cloene Davis, Holly Perez.

Membership Committee: Marti Schach & Sayaka Wayne.

Women at the Top Committee:  WEC hosts an annual event featuring top women executives & business owners. Committee Members: Erin McClernon, Karen McConnell, & Deb Nemec. 

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups (SIGS) are WEC subgroups each focused on a specific topic of interest to members. Additional SIGS are added as sponsored. 

SIG Chairs/Co-Chairs:

Business/Leadership Book Club- downtown- Gail Allen

Business/Leadership Book Club- Jo-Co- Joy Humbarger & Lynn Bayes-Weiner

Money Mavens- Melissa Ellis. Money Mavens SIG Sponsored by Sapphire Wealth Planning