What types of Membership are available?


What is the membership fee?

INDIVIDUAL          Initiation Fee $250 + Annual Dues $500                                          

CORPORATE         Group-rate. Contact Us for Corporate Membership rates  

Term of Memberships: 12 month renewable terms

What is included in membership?

 Monthly Club Meetings: admission and food & beverage; & preferred-rate to attend WEC Special Events

Access to business cost-Savings programs with potential for significant savings on business products and services.

Professional & Leadership Development; Relationship-based Business Development; Peer Networking & Peer Exchange of Best Practices; Community & Camaraderie of Women-Only group of Like-Minded Peers  

How do I become a member?

2 steps to join WEC: 1- Complete & submit Membership Application, & 2- Pay membership Annual Dues & Initiation Fee

Once you submit your application, WEC will review your qualifications and notify you by email  

May I visit before becoming a member?

Most members join WEC without visiting first. You are welcome, however, to visit once as a guest

Is there a fee to visit as a guest?

Yes, guests pay a nominal fee to visit the club. (Guests register online in advance from link on Events page)