Great Job!! I feel energized after every gathering. Will Definitely Renew. I’d be Stupid not to!!
— CPA, MBA, Partner/Owner, Speaker & Author
Thank you for referring another member of WEC to me for business. That is most appreciated. You do so much to connect people in KC. I admire all that you do.
— Professional Advisor
WEC has Greatly Exceeded my expectations! In networking with another attorney member, I was able to advance my career by landing a new opportunity!
— Attorney, Regional Manager
Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful. The message from the ‘Women’s Empowerment Event’ helped me to make positive changes and start my own business. The message from the ‘Women’s Empowerment Event’ and the opportunity to be a part of these types of events. The quality control and process for which a member can join. These are reasons why I will definitely renew my WEC membership!
— Entrepreneur
My membership in the Women’s Executive Club has resulted in referrals that led to new business. I definitely recommend WEC membership to other women! Very happy the club is growing!
— -Business Owner
I have gained new friendships and inspiration and motivation from the energy of the women I’ve met.
— Legal Counsel
Absolutely love the group and look forward to meeting more members each time! I’ve been able to meet several wonderful women in the metro area. WEC exceeds my expectations!
— Director I-T
I’ve met some fantastic women who have become good friends. The events are excellent and the positive, supportive relationships between WEC women exceeds my expectations.
I Definitely Recommend WEC Membership to other women. I stress the camaraderie of a women-only club, the high quality of the women who attend, and the potential for business development.
Will Definitely Renew! I enjoy the Friendships, supportive/positive environment, & inspiration as a business owner.
— Business Attorney
I think the group is a great place to showcase your business. I Definitely Recommend WEC Membership to other professional women.
— Business Owner/Broker
I am extremely excited to be a member of the Women’s Executive Club. The club has far exceeded my expectations in regards to the professionalism and caliber of the women who are members. WEC is a unique opportunity to connect, network, gain business contacts and meet new friends with common goals and interests. It is empowering to be a member of an exclusive group of successful women that have ultimately excelled in their industry. I am looking forward to future meetings and events as a member of WEC!
I am very happy I joined. Can’t wait to get more involved!! Very impressed with current members. Definitely recommend WEC!
— Lipid Specialty Manager
I am very excited to be a new member of the WOMEN’S EXECUTIVE CLUB. The women I have met are talented, successful and committed to supporting other women! This is a very exciting and challenging time for women making it even more important to have a safe venue where we can talk, question, share, cry and have a lot of fun. WEC provides this venue.
WEC is a dynamic group of professional women. I definitely recommend WEC membership to other professional women.
— Director/Executive Fortune 500 companies-former/current Owner & Consultant I-T, Speaker, & Author
I think any woman in business would benefit from the WOMEN’S EXECUTIVE CLUB. I Definitely Recommend the Club to other women!
— Senior Sales Executive
Really thankful for the group! KC needed one!
— Consultant
I joined the Women’s Executive Club because I need to network strategically. My free time is limited, so I need a group that offers business development opportunities as well as camaraderie. WEC fits that bill. The diversity and quality of women in this group is incredible. These women have been an excellent source of business, mentorship, and friendship.
— Attorney at Law